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At Mifflin Motors Hereford we use Autodata as a guide to quote prices for vehicle repairs. Autodata provides us with access to technical information on over 16,000 models of cars and light commercial vehicles. This system ensures that we have access to the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date manufacturers’ information on vehicle repairs and diagnostic works, along with the expected time taken to complete them. From this information we can then provide an accurate quote based on the cost of parts and labour.

We are able to supply and fit genuine or high quality after-market, full or part replacement exhaust systems, replacement catalytic converters and exhaust brackets for most makes and models, which subject to availability, can be fitted while you wait. Depending on the condition of your exhaust we may also be able to weld part sections which will prolong the life your vehicle’s exhaust system and keep it within the emissions requirements.

Mifflin Motors Hereford garage services also include welding repairs for cars and light commercial vehicles. Our skilled technicians can weld bodywork, floor panels, exhaust system components, brackets and MOT failure welding.


We realise that if your commercial fleet of vehicles are not out on the road, then your business is likely to be losing money. Preventing problems with your vehicles is always key, and with regular servicing and maintenance, we can help your business avoid the potentially catastrophic problems that can arise when a company vehicle breaks down unexpectedly. At Mifflin Motors we have taken a step further; we fully appreciate how demanding managing a fleet of company vehicles can be, and more importantly, what disruption it can cause to your business when something goes wrong with one of your vehicles. Our range of garage services for business operators can deal with all aspects of vehicle servicing, repairs and MOT testing for your company’s cars, vans, minibuses or light commercial vehicles.

Our commitment to you, our customers, is to keep your business on the move. With regular servicing and repairs we hope to maintain your fleet of vehicles, keeping them in a good state of repair and reducing the risk of faults and breakdowns that can cost you time and money.

In the event of something unexpectedly going wrong; we are here to respond and will always endeavour to get your company vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

As a professional garage we offer a full range of services to help local businesses manage the maintenance of their fleet of commercial vehicles.


An MOT test is a safety test for vehicles which use public roads. It is a legal requirement to have a test carried out on your car each year. MOT is an abbreviation for the previous body, Ministry of Transport, which regulated the testing of vehicles. The Ministry of Transport was replaced by the Department of Transport. MOT testing is now regulated by the DVSA Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.​


Our equipment covers 95% of all makes and models of ECU.

When you visit us with the light on in the dashboard, we connect our automotive diagnostic tools to your vehicle’s computer. Your car’s computer is usually able to send our computer trouble codes, indicating why the light was activated.

Today’s on-board computer technology allows us to see if all vehicle systems are operating normally. While our car Diagnostics equipment is connected to your car, we can check idle speed, throttle response, engine temperature, fuel system pressure, manifold vacuum, exhaust emission levels and other key indicators, all through your vehicle’s ECU.

While computer technology can direct us to potential problems, nothing can replace the skills and knowledge of a trained technician. Working with the computer, our staff can thoroughly diagnose and correct problems your vehicle may have.

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